The Sailthru Compass program offers our clients out-of-the-box integrations with first-class marketing technologies, minimizing development resources while maximizing customer experiences. These seamless integrations with Sailthru technology allow you to leverage existing data sets within Sailthru or enhance existing marketing applications with Sailthru’s powerful features and data.

Best Practice: Connecting your Sailthru account with a third party vendor requires a 3rd party API Key and Secret. For your account security, you should use a different Key and Secret for each integration. Contact support to request an integration-specific Key and Secret.


Integrating Digioh with Sailthru enables your to use Digioh’s suite of user acquisition tools to send customers directly to Sailthru lists with a few clicks of your mouse.


Our integrations with Facebook Custom Audiences and Lead Ads allow you to retarget existing customers on Facebook or acquire new customers much more effectively on Facebook.


Leverage customers’ social network data to enhance Sailthru user profiles, improve Sailthru recommendations, segment Sailthru lists, and more.


Our integration with Google Customer Match allows you to easily push lists of customers to Google to retarget existing customers or acquire new customers across Google AdWords.


Access your Sailthru lists inside Inkit’s direct mail automation software to send coordinated multi-channel campaigns.


Our integrations with Facebook’s Ad Platform enables you to retarget existing customers on Instagram or acquire new customers much more effectively using Sailthru audiences.


Using Justuno’s conversion optimization platform? The Sailthru integration will give you a fast and easy way to add users directly to Sailthru from Justuno’s conversion suite.


Display the most contextual, optimized and up-to-date content at the moment an email is opened with Sailthru’s Kickdynamic integration.


Easily integrate Sailthru with your Magento store, enabling you to use Sailthru for transactional messages, capture user events including purchases and abandoned carts, add users into Sailthru, add users to Sailthru lists, and more. Extensions available for Magento versions 1.x and 2.x.


Persado enables marketers to identify the words and phrases that emotionally connect with consumers to increase short term sales and build lasting, lifetime value.


Sync user data, list signups, product, and purchase data with Sailthru, task Sailthru with sending all transactional email and abandonded-cart messages, and easily enable Sailthru’s JavaScript on your site.


Swell allows you to run a comprehensive Incentive Marketing Program. Integrate with Sailthru to send messaging and take action based on user triggers.


Easily integrate Sailthru into your WordPress site with our out-of-the-box WordPress plugin.


Integrate with Sailthru directly through the Sailthru Zendesk app.