Zephyr Functions Index

All Zephyr functions are listed below. You can sort by function name or category. For more information, see the Overview or Examples Library.

AdTargeteradReturns HTML of an AdTargeter section
AdTargeteradinfoReturns meta data of an AdTargeter section
APIapi_eventTrigger the event API in a Transactional-only send
APIapi_sendTriggers the send API in a Transactional-only send
APIapi_userTriggers the user API in a Transactional-only send
APIappend_user_varAdds values to an array on a user’s profile from an email send
Array ManipulationlistConverts any data type to a list
Array ManipulationmapApplies a lambda function to transform elements of a list
Array ManipulationpushPushes a new item to the end of an existing array
Array ManipulationrangeCreates an array containing a range of elements
Array ManipulationsetCreates an array within a local template variable
Array ManipulationshuffleRandomizes the placement of objects in an array
Array ManipulationsliceReturns a portion of a list based on a predefined start and end point
Array ManipulationsortSorts a list based on desired criteria
Array/String/Object ManipulationcontainsReturns items that contain a certain elements
Array/String/Object ManipulationfirstReturns the first item from an element
DatedateReturns a formatted date
DatetimeReturns a timestamp
Encryptionbase64_decodeDecodes a Base64 string
Encryptionbase64_encodeEncodes a string in Base64
Encryptionmd5Encodes a string in MD5
Encryptionsha1Produces a hash of a value using SHA1
Encryptionsha256Produces a hash of a value using SHA256
Filteringbucket_listMoves list elements into separate ‘buckets’ based on criteria
Filteringcontent_intersectReturns the overlap of items from two JSON arrays
FilteringdedupeRemove duplicate items from an array of content recommendations
Filteringfilter_contentApplies a lambda function to filter out elements of a list except if it’s pinned in Recommendation Manager
FilteringfilterApplies a lambda function to filter out elements of a list, regardless of pinning in Recommendation Manager
FilteringintersectReturns the overlap between two lists
GeographicaldistanceCalculates the distance between two latitude/longitude points
Geographicaluser_geo_homeDetermines the most frequent location of your user based on Sailthru’s geolocation data
Geographicaluser_geo_select_regionGiven a list of regions, selects the one in which the user has visited the most baed on Sailthru’s geolocation data
HTML ManipulationhReturns an HTML-escaped version of a string
HTML Manipulationstrip_tagsStrips tags from an HTML string in a data feed
HTML ManipulationtextConverts contents to text-version email format
HTML ManipulationuReturns a URL-encoded version of a string
NumberexpTakes the value of a number to the power of a second number
NumberroundRounds a decimal to the nearest whole number
NumbersqrtTakes the square root of a number
NumericalabsReturns the absolute value of a number
NumericalintConverts a string to an integer
NumericallengthReturns the length of an array or string
NumericalnumberFormats the display of a number
NumericalrandomReturns a randomized number
ObjectskeysReturns the key names of an object
ObjectsvaluesReturns the values of an object
OthercompareMakes a comparison between two integers or strings to see which is larger
Othermessage_idPopulates the message ID of a transactional or campaign message
Othersignup_confirmReturns a URL in an email for users to add themselves to a list
OthertypeReturns the data type of an element, such as string or boolean
Otheruser_engagementReturns the current user’s Sailthru-defined engagement level
Personalizationhorizon_countOutputs the number of pageviews a user has had for a certain Sailthru interest tag
Personalizationhorizon_interestReturns the user’s interest level in a particular tag
Personalizationhorizon_selectReturns items from an array based on user interest
Personalizationhorizon_set_interestManually sets interest level for a particular tag on a single send
PersonalizationpersonalizeReturns an array of the best-matching content or products for the user based on a chosen algorithm
Sharingpublic_shareReturns a shareable URL for a non-personalized version of a newsletter
Sharingsocial_shareReturns a shareable URL for a particular article or item in an email
String ManipulationjoinReturns a string concatenated by a provided delimiter
String ManipulationlowerForce lowercases every element in a string
String ManipulationreplacePeforms and search-and-replace for certain elements in an array
String ManipulationsplitGiven a string, returns a list separated by a provided delimiter
String ManipulationstrposFinds the numeric position of the first instance of a character or string within another string
String ManipulationstrrposFinds the numeric position of the last instance of a character or string within another string
String ManipulationsubstrGiven a string, returns a substring
String ManipulationtitleCapitalizes the first letter in each element of a string
String ManipulationupperForce uppercases every element in a string
SuppressionassertSends an email to a user if criteria evaluates to true
SuppressioncancelCancels an email for a user if criteria evaluates to true

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