Facebook Integration Overview

Sailthru has built an integration with the Facebook Marketing API, extending our capabilities to Facebook Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and Lead Ads.

Best Practice: Connecting your account with a third party vendor requires a 3rd party API Key and Secret. For your account security, you should use a different Key and Secret for each integration. Contact support to request an integration-specific Key and Secret.

Using Audience Builder, you can send custom-tailored sets of your user base (e.g. high-value users who have not engaged with email) to Facebook, creating Custom Audiences for retargeting with Facebook Ads. You can also find new customers similar to your highest-value users with Facebook Lookalike Audiences. You can choose to leverage the powerful Prediction Manager feature to accurately identify these high-value users. By targeting the right users, you can maximize your ad spend, while attracting and acquiring qualified leads for your business.

And, when you target any audience with Facebook Lead Ads, customers can seamlessly register for your business without leaving Facebook. You can automatically send the new user data back in real time to create user profiles and engage with these new users.

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