System Status and Alerts

The status page shows 24 hours of system function.

To see the system status, go to

System Status

The top of the page shows the current status and how long that status has been in effect.

Each system is shown in a table, labeled with a colored icon that represents its current status.
The system status dashboard showing all systems are functioning normally. Each Sailthru system shows a green checkmark under the date and hour column.
Hover over a status icon for more information. If the status is a green checkmark, systems are functioning normally and there won't be additional information.

Note: If you are experiencing an issue with a system but it's marked as functioning normally, contact Support for assistance by clicking the blue Support button at the bottom of this page.

Subscribe to Alerts

Subscribe to email or SMS alerts for real-time updates on incidents and resolutions by clicking "Subscribe to Sailthru" in the top-right corner of the page.

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