Attentive SMS – Beta

Sailthru has partnered with Attentive, expanding our SMS support to enable omnichannel journeys in Lifecycle Optimizer.

When using Attentive SMS with Sailthru you can: 
  • Send Attentive SMS & MMS from Lifecycle Optimizer 
  • Build Sailthru-native SMS templates for Attentive messages 
  • Write SMS opt-in changes via the Sailthru User API 
  • Report on sent SMS in your Lifecycle Optimizer step metrics. 
  • Check SMS Opt-In inside of Lifecycle Optimizer to branch flows for best channel performance


Work with your Customer Success Manager at Attentive to get access to an API token to use the Sailthru integration.


Create Sailthru Templates for Attentive SMS & MMS Messages 

We've built out a brand-new SMS template editor that allows you to easily create SMS messages, completely personalizable with Zephyr. Included this editor is a dynamic preview, allowing you to see your message fully personalized to your own Sailthru profile. 

In addition, you can add an Attentive Message ID for performance tracking of the message in Attentive. To get a Message ID, please reach out to Attentive Support or your Attentive CSM. 

MMS Support: We've included support to send Attentive MMS messages by providing a valid media URL. Note Attentive has a 500kb max file size for media. 

Send SMS in Lifecycle Optimizer 

Choose your template and activate flow! Messages successfully sent to Attentive will be reported in the Step Metrics UI. Note that these are messages successfully sent to Attentive, and your actual delivered count from Attentive may be different.

SMS Opt-In Status

Write and read SMS opt-in status from the User API

You can now write an SMS opt-out status via the Sailthru User API. Valid values are opt-in and opt-out

"id": "", 
"keys": { 
"sms": "+15555555555" 
"optout_sms_status": "opt-in" 

Or by phone number alone:


"id": "+15555555555", 
"key": "sms", 
"optout_sms_status": "opt-in" 

Check SMS opt-in status from a Lifecycle Optimizer check

This will allow you to use SMS opt-in to verify that any users going through a flow can be sent an SMS before sending users down an SMS-first path. See our documentation on how to build a flow here.

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