Justuno Integration with Sailthru

Using Justuno’s conversion optimization platform? Good news, the Sailthru integration will give you a fast and easy way to add users directly to Sailthru.

We recommend using an Application Specific Key for all third party integrations. Ask your customer account manager to provide a key for the Justuno integration.

Connecting a Justuno Promotion to a Sailthru List

  1. Login to your Justuno account, open your design canvas, and select Email Forms to add a new form or select a previously created form.
  2. Select the email field and click on the “Change Form” button. In the modal popup select Sailthru from the list of integrations.
  3. You’ll be presented with a screen to enter your Sailthru credentials. Enter the API key and Secret provided by Sailthru.
  4. Once you’ve authenticated you can select a Sailthru list to connect to your promotion form. Select the list you want users to be added to in Sailthru.
  5. After selecting the list you will be presented with the default form has based on the contact fields available for Sailthru.
  6. To add your own fields, select “Load Additional Fields” below the form. This will create the field as a user profile custom field (a.k.a. var) in Sailthru and make it available for you to use in the form.

How to Hide Fields

If you are sending information that is not exposed to/entered by the user, make sure the hidden setting is checked.

Auto-Populate Fields (Collect IP Address, Coupon Code, Current Website URL)

Justuno provides three hidden fields that are most commonly used:

  • Current URL (the URL a user is on when they submit the form)
  • IP address (the visitor’s IP address)
  • Coupon code (the coupon code they receive in the post engagement)

If you are pushing the coupon code to Sailthru please make sure you have a coupon code presenter layer in the post engagement.

Click the “Create Form” button and customize the design.

After you’ve integrated Sailthru once, you don’t have to add the Sailthru API keys again unless you would like to send email addresses to two separate lists in Sailthru.