What’s New in Sailthru

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Throttle the speed of your campaign sends with this new account setting

October 29, 2019
Our new campaign-send throttling is available to all accounts, just ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. Sometimes your site’s traffic exceeds expectations – and resources – leading to a less-than-desirable experience for your customers. Campaign click-through traffic can compound the problem – so what’s an email marketer to do? Rather than completely pause sends, our new ...

Use smaller A/B test percentages in Campaign Builder

October 29, 2019
You can now set variant percentages as low as 1% in a campaign A/B tests. We’ve lowered the limit from 10% based on feedback from marketers looking to limit the number of customers exposed to lower-performing tests.  

Trigger flows in Lifecycle Optimizer when a profile is removed from a list

October 24, 2019
You can now trigger flows in Lifecycle Optimizer when a profile is removed from a natural list. Like the “List Joined” entry, flows using “List Removed” will initiate when a profile is removed from a natural list. Removing a user from a list occurs in a few different ways: Through a User API call From a Hosted Page Email links ...

Track, re-engage vertical subscribers with Lifecycle Optimizer entries for campaign opens and clicks

October 24, 2019
Our new Lifecycle Optimizer entries look at campaign message opens and clicks, the first step in our efforts to bring mass-mail orchestration to the Lifecycle Optimizer flow-building experience. For marketers managing multiple brands or verticals in one account, you can use this new LO flow type to track brand/vertical-level engagement based on campaign labels, or the ...

Quickly add personalization to Email Composer visual templates

October 16, 2019
Our new Content & Personalization tab in Email Composer settings provides an easy way to: preview data feed content for your template add Interest personalization or randomization to a template’s feed What’s changed? Data feed selection moved to the Content & Personalization tab Quickly preview the items in a selected feed without leaving the page Select from three options to tailor ...