Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook's Instant Articles include the option to use a Facebook Call To Action to acquire newsletter subscriptions directly from within the article.

It's a powerful way to capture new subscribers that want to opt-in to hear more from your brand. For the end user it's a seamless experience within the Facebook mobile app.

Getting Started

Facebook sends the data using the same method as Lead Ads. So to get started you can follow the same process as our Lead Ads integration. Once you've done that, come back here for more info.

Users converted through Instant Articles will always have the vars below set on their profiles, so you can use Lifecycle Optimizer and Audience Builder to take action and to report on conversions.

var Facebook Value type Example
facebook_leadgen_id leadgen_id string 543210987654321
facebook_form_name form_name string  Lead Form Name
facebook_lead_type CTA string CTA
page_id page_id string  12345678901
signup_time time timestamp  1486662326
source string facebook
Users will also always be added to a list called facebook_cta which offers an easy way to use Lifecycle Optimizer and Audience Builder to take action or build further segments of those users. The examples below outline how to achieve that.
Note:  When an Instant Article conversion occurs we'll set the var facebook_lead_type to CTA which will allow you to differentiate between a paid Lead Ad. This can also serve as a proxy for mobile acquisition as Instant Articles are only served on mobile.

Using Newsletter Signups in Lifecycle Optimizer

Addition to list. Each user identified as a conversion from an instant article signup is added to a list called facebook_cta.You can use this list name as an entry point in Lifecycle Optimizer to create a flow. For example, to add the subscriber to a main list or a specific marketing list.
After adding an entry you can now add the user to a different list, or do anything else that Lifecycle Optimizer enables.
Event API
All instant Article signups will also trigger an event called facebook_lead_ad_conversion. As these conversions are from an instant article we will provide a set of variables you can use to filter your LO flows, or use in a follow up email.

Using Audience Builder to find Instant Article Conversions

The below example shows you how to use Audience Builder to find users that have been acquired using an Instant Article. But you can also use any of the above data points or lists as needed. ab-cta

As each conversion from an Instant Article has a defined set of vars you can easily check which users have been acquired through Instant Articles. You can use this list for reporting or email campaigns or even to find other users that might find your content interesting using our Custom Audiences integration.

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