Zephyr Overview

Sailthru includes a sophisticated templating language called “Zephyr” that lets you bring dynamic content into your templates for email, your website, push notifications in Lifecycle Optimizer, or hosted pages. By including Zephyr code within your HTML, you can easily personalize content, pull in user profile and content feed data, and much more, offering content that’s unique for each user.

For Example:
Template Code Result
Subject Hi, {profile.vars.first_name}! Hi, Steve!
Body <p>Your top story for today!</p><br> <a href=”{content[0].url}”> {content[0].title}</a> Your top story for today! Zephyr Documentation Overhauled!
Some other common places to use Zephyr:
  • In a template’s Setup section, preparing data to use within the template; for example, running the personalize() function to obtain user-specific content recommendations.
  • In the code of reusable “includes,” such as content headers and footers.
  • Within links, for example, to insert a dynamic, user-specific parameter.


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