Best Practices

Welcome to Sailthru’s library of best practices! Use these tips to maximize your Sailthru experience.
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AB Testing Learn about AB Testing
Activation: Converting First-Time Buyers Learn how to convert a non-buyer to a first-time buyer
Boosting Email Clickthrough Rates Learn how to increase email clickthrough rates
Email Metrics That Matter Learn about the email metrics that matter
Going Under The Hood On Discounts Learn how all about using discounts and sales
Google Analytics + Sailthru Learn how Google Analytics differs from Sailthru
Improving Purchase Conversion And Frequency Learn how to maximize customer lifetime value, which is a function of three key levers: average order value (AOV), purchase conversion, and purchase frequency
Increasing Average Order Value ("AOV") Learn how to increase your average order value
Increasing Onsite Engagement Learn how to increase your site's user engagement
Monetizing Your Audience Learn how to monetize your audience
Re-Engaging Lapsed Customers Learn how to re-engage customers who have lost interest
Recapturing Shopping Abandonment Learn how to recapture users who have abandoned their shopping cart
Reducing Customer Churn Learn how to decrease custom churn (i.e. paying customers from converting to non-paying customers)
Sailthru And Signups Learn how to track signup source (i.e. how a user signed up) and acquisition source (i.e. where you acquired those signups)
The Power Of Variables Learn about Sailthru's two types of variables: user-level and purchase-level
The Perfect Welcome Email Learn how to create the perfect welcome email

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