Sailthru On Your Site – Overview

In addition to using Personalization Engine to create customized emails, Sailthru’s products can also be used to automate, personalize, and drive engagement with your website! Onsite behavioral features leverage the Personalization Engine to automatically suggest content based on unique user interests. In addition, Onsite Overlays provide more ways to message or acquire customers using modals or banners to get in front of your website visitors.


Site Recommendations is a powerful personalization tool and recommendation engine for your website that leverages user-interest data as well as your Content Library, custom content feeds, and templates.

Overlays engage site visitors with targeted messaging as they browse. Display user signup forms, special offers, and more-each as a modal window or a bar at the top of the page.

Personalization Engine is Sailthru’s unique behavioral-tracking product. Personalization Engine gathers data on your users’ individual interests based on website or mobile app activity. Armed with this intelligence, you can dynamically target users based on their purchase, browsing, and explored interests.


Scout is a tool for providing related-item links to readers on site. This type of content display is also possible using Personalization Engine.


Concierge is similar to Scout, but provides recommended content to readers in the form of an onsite slider, for example, recommending a related story when reaching the end of an article. This type of content display is also possible using Personalization Engine.