Create a Custom Audience from a Sailthru List

First, go to Audience Builder to create the list of users that you’ll push to Facebook.

In the example below, we’ve created a list called “High Value Users.” This list will consist of users that have made at least 10 purchases.

Next, we’ll navigate to the Lists page and click the cloud upload button to send the list to Facebook.

As of June 2015, Facebook no longer processes @Facebook addresses in Custom Audiences.

The cloud upload button will launch the below modal window, which gives us the ability to add this list to a pre-existing audience or create a new one.

After we select a list or create a new one we will receive a confirmation that our data is being exported to Facebook’s Custom Audience

Next, we can check the jobs page to confirm that our export is complete

Finally, Facebook will display our audience

Although there is no maximum number of people that can be added to an audience, only 10,000 people can be added at a given time.