Campaign Reports

A summary of all sent campaigns, in chronological order, is seen by clicking “Analytics” in the top navigation bar, and then clicking “Campaign Summary” under “Campaigns” in the sidebar. Click here to view.






  • Scroll to a recent campaign, or filter using the dropdown menus at the top of the page: ListSource TemplateDay of WeekStart DateEnd Date
  • To download a spreadsheet of all campaign data within the date range shown, click ‘Download CSV’. Note that revenue in the export uses 4 decimal places as does the data in our API (i.e. $99 would be 9900).
  • The timeline graph at the top shows Open Rate and Click Rate for the date range shown, and can be filtered.
  • The ‘Toggle Columns’ button allows you to select/deselect the analytics shown. See link below.

Click to view a glossary of Campaign Analytics.

Campaign Detail Report

To view statics on a specific sent campaign, click either the linked campaign name or the graph icon in the right column.

The sections of the detailed report are defined here. Please also see the glossary of Campaign Analytics.

Note that additional campaign-specific analytics can be obtained with the Audience Builder button located inside the campaign detail report.

Aggregate Engagement Report

Campaign Analytics on all campaigns segmented by user engagement levels.

Can be filtered by List, Start Date, End Date. ‘Download CSV’ enabled.

Click here to view.

Campaigns Per List

The number of campaigns sent to each list over the selected date range.

Can be filtered by Start Date, End Date, and Interval (Daily/Weekly/Monthly). ‘Download CSV’ enabled.

Click here to view.