Use the Purchase Log to View/Export Purchase Data

The Purchase Log displays your customers’ historical purchase data and allows you to export customizable ranges of that data to CSV files. This page is listed under the Analytics menu if your account has been set to support commerce features. The purchase data itself is only displayed if your developers have integrated with our Purchase API. The Purchase Log The Purchase Log displays:
  • Start Date and End Date for the range of purchases you wish to view or export. Click either date to customize the date range. Note: For purchases older than one year, you are only able to view one day at a time, but this restriction does not apply to exports.
  • A Download CSV button to export data for the selected date range to a .csv file
  • A table with the following data columns
      • Date – Purchase date.
    • Message ID - This identifies the email campaign to which the purchase can be attributed, if any.
    • Item - Name of the purchased items(s).
    • Unit Price - Price of each purchased item.
    • Quantity - Quantity of the item.
    • Total Price - Price of the entire order. This may differ from the sum of all Unit Prices if you apply a discount to the order before sending the Total Price.
    • Channel - Whether the purchase occurred Online or Offline (in store).
To export purchase data:
  1. Click Download CSV.
  2. Change the Start Date or End Date to modify the time range of included data, as needed. You can select a range of up to 31 days for each export.
  3. Select or deselect the fields to include as part of your export. All exports will include the Date of each purchase and the md5 hash of the customer email address.
  4. All other fields from the Purchase Log displayed in the UI and described above are available and optional for your export. One additional field, the extid, is also available. This is an external ID number for the order, sourced from your company's order tracking system (if included when your data is sent via the Purchase API).
  5. Click Export. The CSV file of purchase data is downloaded.

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