Personalization Engine Overview

Personalization Engine is our proprietary technology that tracks site, mobile and email behavior to develop a unique interest profile for each end user.

Personalization Engine automatically saves meta data about your website’s content, such as news stories or commerce products.  This information includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Authors
  • Images
  • Interest tags
  • Prices
  • Publish dates
  • Titles
  • URLs

You can leverage this information, and present the optimal combination of content to each individual user.

How It Works

1Interest Tags
Based on users’ browsing behavior, Personalization Engine dynamically registers interest tags into a user’s profile.  These interests are also compared to the overall interests of users across your site.

2Interest Levels
For each user and  tag, Sailthru stores a count and an interest level.  Count is the number of page views the user has visited with that tag. Page views can only be calculated for URLs containing the Personalization Engine JavaScript snippet. Interest level compares the user’s count relative to other users across your site. Users with an interest score of two times the average user are considered to have high interest in that topic.

3Interest Recommendations
If you have 30 pieces of content and eight slots to populate in an email, there are over 5-million possible content combinations.  Sailthru makes sure that each individual gets the most relevant combination with every delivery.  Personalization Engine recommendations drive more page views for publishers and increased average order value for retailers.

Personalization Engine Benefits

So what can you do with Personalization Engine interest data?
Personalized emails:  deploy a single email with dynamic-individualized content based on user interests.