List Growth Report

View changes in list size over time for all of your Primary Lists. This report shows lists for a selected time period by a selected interval (daily, weekly, or monthly), which can highlight trends in net growth and net decline.

Use the dropdown menu and/or text fields to filter by Start Date, End Date, Interval and View, which allows you to display All Subscribers, or only those which match certain User Engagement Levels (Valids Only, Engaged, Engaged+Active, Engaged+Active+Passive, Optouts, or Hardbounce).

Each cell displays the number of applicable subscribers for the given list at the given date, along with the net increase or decrease in these subscribers since the previous date in the table.

Click the Download CSV button to download the report.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 10.50.52 PM

List Growth Analytics Glossary




Total number of users on the list who have any engagement status other than Hardbounce or Optout.


Total number of engaged users on the list.


Total number of active users on the list.


Total number of passive users on the list.


Total number of opted out users on the list.


Total number of hard bounced users on the list.

List Growth Counting

The Daily Profile Count kicks off each night at midnight for each timezone. There isn’t a guarantee the count will begin exactly at midnight but it will try to complete the job by 9AM in your account’s timezone.

The Daily Profile Count updates stats for the previous day. For example, when the job begins running on 06/01, it’s counting for 05/31.