Data Exporter Overview

Sailthru Data Exporter is an individually priced product offering from Sailthru.

The Sailthru Data Exporter allows for a one-time or daily recurring export to a client-managed Amazon S3 bucket.

Included in the export is campaign, triggered, and user data that includes list memberships, var values, purchase data, and more. (A full list of fields and collections are included on this page.)

  • Profile data is exported for users that have updated profiles from activity since the previous day.
  • Campaign data includes basic information about campaigns sent on the previous day
  • Campaign message data includes metadata on all emails sent as part of each campaign sent on the previous day, and all campaign emails sent over the past 7 days that generated user activity.
  • Triggered message data includes metadata on all emails sent as part of each triggered email sent on the previous day, and all triggered emails sent over the past 7 days that generated user activity.

Once you prepare your upload site using the Sailthru public key, the initial upload begins the following morning.

Note that you can alternatively perform an export of user data for a given list on the My Sailthru “Lists” page (see Export Lists and User Profile Data) or using the export_list_data job in the Sailthru API.



To set up your bucket policy, see S3 Bucket Policy Information.

Material Events

Sailthru Data Exporter provides you with a daily “update” export of profiles that have experienced a “material event” since midnight of the previous day (using your account’s time zone). This allows you to keep track of which profiles have changed and update their respective systems on a daily basis. If any material event occurs, that profile will be included in the daily update export.

The current list of material events are:

  • opens
  • clicks
  • pageviews
  • logins
  • purchases
  • natural list membership changes
  • optouts

Optional material events are:

  • custom var changes
  • bounce status changes

To change the list of material events, such as to add any optional material events, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.