Content and Concierge Reporting

Concierge Report

Found by clicking the Analytics tab of the top navigation bar, and then the Concierge tab of the Analytics sidebar.

If you also have the Concierge slider to recommend custom content to users on your website, you can track the most viewed articles, top performing content tags, click rate metrics, and more. Some the reports also track Scout, another recommendation tool.

  • Click Rate Chart (image above) – Provided in the Recommendation Report and Concierge Report
  • Top 20 Pages Viewed (over past 72 hours) – Available in the Concierge Report
  • Top Content Tags - Available in the Concierge Report
  • Monthly Clicks - Provided in the Recommendation Report and Concierge Report

“Random” is not solely anonymous users. It is a mixture of anonymous and non-anonymous users who are served an article through Concierge at random. This metric represents the performance / CTR when we are not leveraging Personalization Engine to make recommendations.

Snapshot Reports

Snapshot Reports are obtained by running a query in Audience Builder. These reports contain a Top Tags and Top Interests section if Personalization Engine data is being collected.

Top Tags

  • Count is the number of users who viewed the interest tag.
  • Interested is the percent of users who are “interested” in the tag. This is a number determined by an equation for interest. This final number resulting from this equation must be greater than 2 in order for the user to be considered “interested.”

Top Interests

  • Interested is the number of users who are interested (as above).
  • Percent is the percent of users interested (as above).