User Profile Lookup and Data Glossary

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The terms listed below correspond to those listed on each user profile page in My Sailthru. The data displayed for a user represents the entire history of that user’s profile in Sailthru.

User Lookup

You can search for a user by entering their email address into the search box in the top-right corner of My Sailthru, the top of the Lists page, or the User Lookup page in the Analytics section.

When you press Enter, the user’s profile data is displayed.

Updated user profile page
Initial view of an example user profile. Further user data is shown in the tabs.

Optout Info

If a user opted out, you’ll see an Optout Info section following the user’s personal profile data.

Image of the Optout Info section. This includes a reason, what the user opted out of, and when the user opted out. The reason is how they opted out.

The Optout Info section includes:

  • An opt-out reason, which is a system-generated value that explains how a user opted out.
  • What type of email the user opted out of (all email or only marketing email)
  • The date the user opted out

Optout Reasons

  • API: The user opted out via the unsubscribe page connected to a Hosted Page in Sailthru (most common reason) or via an API call.
  • Unsubscribe-email: The user opted out by clicking the unsubscribe link provided by the ISP and the ISP sends the information to Sailthru by feedback loop.
  • Spam: The user marked the email as spam.
  • UI: The user’s opt-out status was manually updated on the user profile.
  • Update: A bulk update job opted out a mass group of users.

User Profile Glossary of Terms

The glossary terms below appear in the same order as they appear on the user profile when you perform a User LookupData is displayed representing the entire history of the user, including:



Email Status

Provides the current status of each user, including: Valid, Hardbounce, Hardbounce (Reset), Opt-out (Basic), Opt-out (Blast), or Opt-out (All).

For more information on optout, see User Opt-Out Levels.


The user’s majority location, based on where the user clicks links in your email messages.

See Locations below for entire location breakdown.

Email address

Required for all users and often used as the key identifier for a user.

Net Revenue to Date

For e-commerce Sailthru users who employ the Sailthru Purchase API. Displays the total revenue attributed to the user. If the Returns API is implemented, the total value of the user’s returns is subtracted.

Sailthru ID

A unique hash code that can be used as a key to programmatically look up a user or modify user data.


The user’s interests are displayed in the Interests tab. You’ll see up to 100 words in the word cloud, and up to 15 interests in the side column.

Interests are the content tags for which the user has shown affinity, broken out into the following subcategories:

  • Common interests – Interests of the user which exist within the top 100 interests across your user base.
  • Unique interests – Interests of the user which exist beyond the top 500 interests across your user base. These are the least commonly shared interests of the user relative to all other users in your account.

Each interest is displayed with a numerical factor representing the degree of interest compared to the average across your user base. For example “Soccer (6.5)” would indicate that the user is 6.5x more interested in Soccer than your average user.

While this interest factor may have any value, only those interests that have a factor of 2 or more are displayed.

Views per Device/Browser

Sailthru tracks the device of the user at the point of click through. Useful in understanding the percentage of desktop vs. mobile for your audience. Also useful for building lists of frequent mobile users for relevant app launches or promotions.

Engagement Level 

Engagement refers to how much interaction or response you receive from a user. See Engagement Levels for further information.

Total Opens

Total number of times a user has opened an email by clicking on it in their email application to reveal the body of the email.

Total Clicks

Total number of times a user has clicked on a link within the body of one of your emails.

Total Views

Total number of times a user has viewed a page on your site that contains the Sailthru Personalize JS.

Total Purchases

Total purchases is only displayed for account using Sailthru Purchase API


A graph of email and onsite activity time (including separate graphs for mobile, if any mobile activity is detected)

Prediction Manager

Values such as predicted open rate, opt-out or pageviews

A Prediction Manager subscription is required to use this feature; see the Prediction Manager Overview for more information.

Natural Lists

The user’s membership on Natural Lists

Previous List Membership

The Natural Lists a user was once a member of but is not currently. The most-recent lists (based on user removal date) are displayed, up to a maximum of 30 lists.

Smart Lists

The user’s membership, including the criteria for the Smart List on which they are a member.


All custom data stored on the user

App Info

All apps developed using the Sailthru SDK that have been accessed, including device info

Opted-out Templates

If the user has opted out of specific templates, which is an option you can enable on hosted pages, they are listed here.


Top geographic locations of the user as recorded upon all email clickthroughs.

Recent Mass Mail

Campaigns that were recently sent to the user. This will only show the last 10 campaigns in the last 30 days.

Recent Transactional Mails

Transactional emails, such as a purchase confirmation, sent to the user in the last three months.

Incomplete Purchase Cart

Items left in cart by user. Note that this is only available if you are using the Purchase API.

Purchase History

A record of purchases for the user. Note that this is only available if you are using the Purchase API.

Return History

A record of returns for the user. Note that this is only available if you are using the Purchase API and Return API.

Note: Developers can also access all user profile data programmatically in email and SPM templates using Zephyr. See the profile object.

Automatically Recognized User Profile Vars

Sailthru will automatically display a user’s birthday, first name, last name, and source in the Overview tab of the user profile if the variable name matches the following naming conventions.

Variable Type Variable Name
Source source
First Name firstname
Last Name lastname
Birthday birthday