Snapshot Reports

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Snapshot Reports can be run from Audience Builder for any segment of users. You can segment users via the criteria available for Audience Builder.

Video: Running a Snapshot Report

How to Run a Snapshot Report

Go to the Audience Builder page in My Sailthru.

1Ensure that the Snapshot Report button is selected.
2Select the List — or multiple lists — on which you’d like to run the report.
3Set the Criteria. For a full list of Criteria available in the dropdown, see the Audience Builder Criteria Glossary.

Snapshot Report Sections

The table below describes the data found on snapshot reports. It’s important to note that the data provided is determined by which criteria you have selected to segment users on the chosen list(s).

Report Section



Shows segment by level of engagement, such as whether they are opening or clicking on emails. For detailed information, see User Engagement Levels.


Displays the geographic location information that is implicitly tracked by Sailthru, collected at the point of click. Top US states (if applicable), Countries and Cities are listed.

Email Activity time

Shows when users are opening their emails. The report shows the volume of opens by hour, allowing you to identify when open rates are higher or lower.

Note that the activity here is broken out by hours based on the time zone in which your account was set up.

Site Activity Time

Displays the times when are users going on-site. This can be from the users clicking through and email and then browsing the site, or just their independent site behavior. Note that this requires Personalization Javascript to be enabled.

Engagement by Signup Date

Shows engagement based on signup month.

Top Tags

This represents the total number of pageviews this tag has generated from users on this list. This means that for each tag, the users from this segment of the list have driven the pageviews counted.

Top Items

This represents the total number of users on this list who are marked as interested in the specific tag. The interest count represents the total numbers of users on the segment of the list for the report that show any interest in pages with this tag.

Other Lists

Other Natural Lists with subsets that overlap with List used for Snapshot Report query. The crossover or overlap between the list being queried in the report and Smart Lists is not shown in this report.

Top Browser

It is the top browsers and devices used for this user group (based on click-through). For example, this includes users who have opened an email on iPhone, Android, Internet Explorer, etc.

Engagement by Domain Names

This will list the top 20 domains.