User Opt-Out Levels

For details on how to implement these opt-out levels, see our User Management Pages documentation. Please contact Support or your Customer Success representative with questions and to test or activate any changes to your opt-out page, which is located here in My Sailthru. If you have made edits to your unsubscribe page, those edits must be reviewed and activated by a member of Support or Customer Success.

Opted out users will automatically be suppressed — not sent to — even if they are still on the list that you are mailing to. You are required by CAN-SPAM law to include either optout_all or optout_basic in the opt-out page. optout_blast is an additional button that can be present, but does not replace the other two.



  • This opt-out setup allows for certain communications (see some acceptable examples in the next bullet) to always send to a user – despite their status.
  • Opts the user out of all emails (campaigns & transactionals) except for the transactional emails that are set as “basic.” The basic status is set by your Sailthru Customer Success representative on individual templates that you use for transactionals. The accepted communication types include password reset, purchase receipt, shipping confirmation, etc.



  • Opts the user out of all emails (campaigns & transactionals). This is the default status when a subscriber marks your email as spam from within an email client (ie yahoo, hotmail,


Optional addition:


  • Opts the user out of all campaign emails
  • The user will still receive all transactional (1:1) emails
  • Must be used in conjunction with either optout_basic or optout_all


Additionally, templates support individual opt-outs. For example, if a user wants to opt out of social notifications, add a checkbox for a specific template name on the opt-out page to allow the user to opt-out of just that template. Please read more here.