Merge Multiple Lists

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To merge two or more lists, use the Audience Builder to build a new list. You can either build a new Natural List, which will contain all users on multiple lists as they exist at the present time, or you can create a new Smart List, which will automatically update as new members are added or removed from any of the source lists.

Methods for merging lists are described in further detail below. For more information, see the Audience Builder Overview pages.

How to Merge Lists

1Select the list type you want to generate by clicking Generate [Natural] List or Create Smart List. For Source List, select Multiple Lists.


2Click the Add List button and select the list you want to merge from the drop-down menu.


3Click Add List again to select another list to add to the merge.


4To remove a list you have added, click the x button next to the list.


5Leave the Criteria section blank and click Submit Query.

The new merged list will generate and then appear in your main Lists page. Remember to mark the new merged list as “Primary” if you want to receive detailed list reports on it.

09 02_02 Smart Lists Audience Builder Query


  • Regardless of whether you choose to make a natural list or a Smart List, since you are just creating a new list, your original source lists will not be modified in any way by this action. They will still exist and can be found in your main Lists page.
  • If you send to your new list, rest assured there will be no duplicates. Like any list, this new list is a collection of all unique user profiles across all specified sources.