Allowing Users to Opt Back In

Sometimes users change their minds. They opted out, and now they miss receiving your emails. How can a user opt back in?

Help users opt back in with one of three options: a hosted opt-in page, on your website (using the API), or via a triggered email.

Via Hosted Opt-In Page

If a user clicks the unsubscribe link in an email they have previously received, this will direct them to the hosted opt-out page.

The optout page will check the user's profile:

{if profile.optout=="all"}

Then it will display an option to click to opt back in.

Via Your Website + API

If you use the API, you could follow these suggested steps in order to give users the option to opt back in by signing back up for email via your website. For example, when users click the "unsubscribe" link in an email and arrive on the unsubscribe confirmation page, you can provide a button for users to opt back in in case they clicked unsubscribe link in error.

  1. When the user clicks submit, post a USER api call, passing the parameter optout_emailwith a value of none. This will reset the user's status to valid.
  2. Alternatively, if you don't want to revalidate an opted out user immediately, you can use response codes to check API error responses. See API Response Codes. For example, if error 32 or 33 is detected (user is opted out), code your webpage to show a message such as: "You are opted out. Do you wish to opt back in?" Include a submit button.

Via Triggered Email

Alternately, you could follow these suggested steps in order to send a triggered email to the user that would allow them to click a confirmation link within the email in order to opt back in.

  1. First create a template named Opt-in Confirm
  2. In the Code tab of that template include:
    a href="{signup_confirm()}"click here to opt back in.
  3. Send this template using the SEND api call when an opted-out user tries to signup or completes an action on your website that would send an email. Note that only this template named Opt-in Confirm can be sent to opted-out users. The signup_confirm without any parameters will make the user valid.

If you use the Purchase API, please also see force send for purchase receipts.

If a user has hardbounced, not opted out, then the above will not work. Please contact Support or your Customer Success Manager with questions.

Via Lifecycle Optimizer

Design a flow that revalidates the opt-out status of a user's profile when they subscribe to a list.
  1. Create a new Lifecycle Optimizer flow.
  2. Select the List Joined Entry and set the list you'd like to use.
  3. Add an Action. Select the Set Opt-out Status Action.
  4. Set the opt-out status you wish to use.
When a user subscribes to the list, their opt-out status will change without a developer having to update the API.

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