Personalization Engine Overview

Sailthru’s Personalization Engine collects user behavior and interest data to recommend optimal content–your articles or products–to your users when they engage with your emails, website, and mobile app.

If you have 100 applicable content items and just seven slots to populate in an email or a section of your site, there are many trillions of possible content combinations. Sailthru makes sure that each individual gets the most relevant combination with every delivery, driving more page views for publishers and increased average order value for retailers.

You can also choose to manually specify and order certain content slots using Recommendation Manager, or filter content by tag to include only a certain type of content within a given context.

Here are some of the key components that make this possible:

Your Content User Profiles Recommendation Algorithms

Sailthru will maintain a copy of metadata about all of your site’s content, including item names/titles, images, URLs, prices, tags, and publication dates.

You can keep this information up to date using Google Product Sync (recommended), the Sailthru Content API or the onsite JavaScript tag.


As users interact with your site, the Sailthru JavaScript logs their activity and attributes interests to their profile based on the tags you’ve included on your content. For each interest, we record the user’s frequency of interactions with that interest and their degree of interest compared to your overall user base.

If your site offers e-commerce features, you can also log each purchase in Sailthru, further augmenting user profiles.


We have several algorithms that you can use to recommend the optimal piece of content to individual users.

Each algorithm uses different sets of data; interest tags, browse behavior, purchase behavior, additional content metadata, and more.