Personalization Engine Content Library

The entire Personalization Engine collection of your content can be viewed in the Content Library, accessible under the Content menu. For each content item, you can view its title, URL, thumbnail image, tags, pageviews, and publish date. If you are an e-commerce client, each item’s price, SKU, and inventory level are also displayed. You can also:
  • Click an item’s title, URL, or thumbnail to view additional data including
    • the time it was last spidered
    • a Respider button to pull the current data from the item’s page
    • if you are an e-commerce client tracking inventory, the total number of purchases
  • Click a tag to view a listing of all items that have that same matching tag
  • Click the Filters button to expose additional search/filter criteria:
    • Search for an item by its URL or SKU; either must be an exact, case-sensitive match
    • Filter content by its published date range (inclusive)

By default, content is only spidered once. Updates made to a webpage will only be reflected if a Content API call is made† or a manual Respider is performed, per the instructions above.

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