Adding Unknown User Data To A New User

  1. Add the Javascript – See Personalization Engine Setup. If you are using Site Personalization Manager, see SPM Implementation.
  2. Data Collection – An existing user browses your site without logging in. The cookie sailthru_cid collects data regarding their visit.
  3. Pass Information – When the user is signing up, include the cookie in the User API call to create a new user profile. For example:
    user POST (JSON)
  • In the examples above, the value of id can be anything. For example: a cell phone number, an email address, or some other identification number.
  • The sailthru_cid cookie is associated with the Horizon legacy JS. sailthru_content is the correct cookie to use.
Once a new user’s profile is created, their profiles may appear barren. This is because profiles require a minimum interest score to display their interest tags. Rest assured: the data exists, it will start to populate when the minimum number of interest data (at least 3 views per content item) is stored.

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