Personalization Engine via the API

You can directly access the Horizon Recommend API to return Personalization Engine recommendations directly. This API is used by the Scout JavaScript.

URL: http://<your.horizon.domain>/horizon/recommend Optional parameters:
Parameter Description Example
number Number of recommended items to return. If the number parameter is used, the return value will be in JSON. 10
hid The user Horizon identifier (if not passed, the cookie sailthru_hid value is used) 2d0f83ec38423173a5104a6330817
filter[tags] Return only items that match any of the given tags sports,baseball,football
An optional parameters should be appended to the URL as a query string. For example:
Multiple parameters would be:
Return value: A JSON structure in the Content Feed format will be returned containing an ordered list of recommendations (only if the number parameter is used).

Personalization Engine Link Tracking

In addition, you can set user interests to post to a user’s profile when they click a link in an email. Note that this step is not required since by default interest tags will automatically post to a user profile when that user visits a webpage that has the Personalization Engine JavaScript in place. By adding to the query string the field “sailthru_horizon_tags” and then assigning it a value of a comma-separated list of tags, those tags can be added to the user’s profile as if they had seen it onsite. For example: ",mets,food,hot-dogs" Will put the tags “baseball”, “mets”, “food”, and “hot-dogs” on the user’s interest profile.

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