SMS in Overlays

Click here to get in touch with a member of our team to learn more about incorporating SMS into your cross channel strategy - or reach out to your CSM for more details! Note: Your account must have SMS and Overlays to use this feature. Accounts with SMS can create 1 overlay in the account if Overlays is not part of the contract.

SMS Consent

Each SMS capture overlay includes automatically added consent checkboxes for subscribers. The text for the checkboxes must tell the subscriber how their phone number will be used. If a subscriber does not give consent to receive SMS messages of a specific type (ie. transactional or marketing), they will be opted out from receiving SMS messages of that type.

Add SMS Capture to an Overlay

SMS options automatically show when you create a new sign-up overlay. 
  1. From the Overlays List page (Messaging > Onsite > Overlays), select the New Overlay button. 
  2. Select the type of sign-up overlay you wish to use. 
  3. In the Setup tab, under Target Channels, select the SMS checkbox to add SMS capture.
  4. When you select SMS, the two consent statement checkboxes are selected by default. One or both of these must be included to capture SMS data.
  5. Select the list to add subscribers to and the source that will be added to each subscriber's profile. 
  6. Make any global style changes in the Style tab. 
  7. Add custom text and style input options in the Content tab. Select a content element to open styling options. For example, you may wish to add custom placeholder text for the consent checkboxes.
    Note: If you add custom text to the consent checkboxes, it must clearly tell the subscriber what they're consenting to in order to be in compliance with TCPA regulations.
  8. When SMS is added, it appears under the Submit button.

    In the Content tab, drag the modal elements into the correct places.
  9. Add any targeting you wish to include. 
  10. Save your Overlay. 
Note: Phone numbers and consent are not required fields when subscribers submit their information. When submitting an overlay, only email is required.

International Subscribers

To capture numbers from international subscribers, these subscribers must include "+" and the country code of their phone number when submitting their information.

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