Custom Personalization Engine Tags

If you want to add additional metadata to your content, beyond the default Personalization Engine meta tags, you can specify additional meta tags for Sailthru to spider.

This data is stored as ‘content vars’ and is included in your content feeds for use in templates. Content vars can also be used as criteria for building/filtering a Personalization Engine content feed.

To specify additional meta tags that you want Sailthru to spider

  1. Identify the meta tags on your content pages that you want Sailthru to spider. Personalization Engine meta tags are included by default.For example, in addition to the green Personalization Engine meta tags and default title tag, you could tell Sailthru to spider the orange tags.Meta tags
  2. On the Spider Preferences page, enter the meta tag names that you want Sailthru to spider. For example:Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.11.34 PMWhen a page is spidered, all additional tags specified in the field above will be collected. These tags will be made available as content vars in your data feeds and can be used to filter content when specifying the criteria for a Personalization Engine content feed. For example, you could create a content feed containing only those items which have a vertical value of “science”.
  3. You can view the stored vars on your content by previewing a content feed on the Manage Data Feeds page. On the feed’s row, click the Preview icon preview-feed-icon to view the feed’s current code. Within each content item, you’ll find a vars object containing all the metadata you chose to include in the previous step.vars in feed

    • For meta names that contained a period, the period will be converted to an underscore in the var name.E.g. MARKDOWN_HASH69aa34669b80e7df9d9ae3ef31063451MARKDOWN_HASH will become MARKDOWN_HASH7c24464b5c3bc6709d0de671ad10b944MARKDOWN_HASH in the data feed.
    • For meta tags that contain multiple consecutive dashes, they will be stripped to a single dash.E.g. MARKDOWN_HASH3973854de7d590aec521372577bef51aMARKDOWN_HASH becomes MARKDOWN_HASH9e430bba5b1e79acfb038537ac481543MARKDOWN_HASH.
    • Meta names that contain a colon, such as MARKDOWN_HASHf4cfa37a7bffe4f15aef90fd4e38aaf0MARKDOWN_HASH tags, will be stored as written.
  4. In your template, you can use Zephyr to access and use any content var data. For example, if you wanted to display the vertical value for the first item in your feed, you would use the following code:

    You can also use these vars when creating a Content Feed, where you can choose to include or exclude items matching particular var values.