Unknown User Conversion Overview

As an unknown user explores your site, Marigold Engage by Sailthru can store their browsing behavior in a cookie and add it to their profile if/when the user registers an account, makes a purchase, or logs in. As a result, newly registered users will have initial profile data that you can leverage for personalized marketing, and existing user accounts also benefit from the additional browsing data. There are two requirements to collect this data and update user profiles:
  1. The JavaScript code on your site, which stores the user’s last 16 page views on your site. This is not an editable limit.
    • If you are using the latest JavaScript tag, the cookie is named sailthru_content.
    • If you are using the legacy Horizon JavaScript, the cookie is named sailthru_cid. Note: Anonymous user tracking with the Horizon JS is not available for sites served over HTTPS.
  2. A User API call to submit the cookie value when creating or updating the user profile. (Use this call when users make a purchase, log in, or register for the first time.)
    • The cookies parameter accepts the value of either sailthru_cid or sailthru_content. If you currently have both on your site, just submit sailthru_content.

An unknown user is defined as one of the following:
  • A new user who has not signed up
  • An existing user that has not signed in
  • An existing user that does not have a sailthru_hid cookie set from a previous sign in or email click
An identified user is defined as one that has a sailthru_hid cookie set from a previous sign in or email click.
As always, ensure that your use of this technology is in accordance with your company’s privacy policy.

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