Using Audience Builder

To access Audience Builder, go to the Users tab in My Sailthru and select Audience Builder.

How to Use Audience Builder

1First, select an Action:
  • Snapshot Report - Get an overview of a specific segment of users or an existing list.
  • Generate Lists – Segment users based on criteria (i.e. geolocation) or split an existing list into parts.
  • Create Smart Lists - Create a live segment that automatically adds new subscribers based on custom criteria.
  • Bulk Update - Add or remove a user variable or update the value of a variable on a group of users,or opt-out a group of users. 39 03_02 Audience Builder Buttons Snapshot-Primary Lists
2Select your Source List – the list or group of lists to query. Note that you cannot use a Smart List as your source list. You can only use a Natural List, multiple Natural Lists, or your entire user database.
  • All Users in Database queries all users in your Sailthru database regardless of their list memberships.
  • Primary Lists queries all users on all Natural Lists that are marked as Primary Lists.
  • Multiple Lists allows you to select more than one list, and query all users who are on at least one of those lists.
  • Multiple Lists (members in common) should be used to select only users who are part of all the selected lists.

If you selected Generate List to create a natural list:

  • Enter a new List Name (using a maximum of 32 characters).
  • Optional: If you are splitting a list – for example, to run an AB test with a consistent cohort – enter a Random Selection Size: a portion of the source list(s) to use when creating the new list. You can enter a whole-number percentage (e.g. “50%”) or a specific number of users (e.g. 1000 – do not use a comma or other symbols).
  • Choose whether to Copy Signup Dates from the source list. “Yes” is recommended in most cases. If you choose “No”, today’s date is used as the signup date for each user who is added to the new list.
  • Enter an email address that will receive a report about the creation of the list.

If you selected Create Smart List:

  • Enter a new List Name (using a maximum of 32 characters).
3Select Criteria for which users to include.

Depending on the Criteria selected, additional inputs may be displayed: For example, a free-text Field value (e.g. a profile var name to check), a secondary Criteria drop-down, a single Value you can enter to compare against, or multiple Values.

For a full listing of all Criteria and how it is used, see the Audience Builder Criteria Glossary.

Value fields adhere to the following rules:

  • Must be entered exactly: spacing and capitalization matter (for example, a list name must match how it appears in Lists tab).
  • Variable values must be queried in the exact, case-sensitive format they are stored on your users.
  • Values should not be surrounded by quotation marks, with two exceptions:
    • If a variable value is true or false AND, set as string data type on the user profiles, and not a boolean data type, it must be in quotes.
    • If the variable is saved as a number data type, it must be in single quotes (e.g. ‘1’).
  • You can separate values using the pipe (“|”), but do not place it at the end of the field, or it will cause all values to be used in the query (e.g. do not use syntax “||“)

If you need to add a row to add additional Criteria to your query, click the “+” sign. A new row will appear. You can use up to 52 separate criteria for a single query. Click the trash can icon if you wish to delete a row.

36 03_02 Audience Builder Select Source Lists Criteria

Match All / Any of the following applies to multiple rows, not to criteria in a single row.

  • ALL means AND in Boolean logic. In the previous image, ALL would mean the subscriber matches all the criteria rows.
  • ANY means OR in Boolean logic. In the previous image, ANY would mean the subscriber matches at least one of the criteria rows.

Boolean logic can be used within a single row of Criteria Values with a single pipe ( | ) symbol to represent an OR operator.

The example below would query for users who most frequently open their emails from within ANY of the three listed states: New York OR New Jersey OR Connecticut:

4Click Submit Query.