Verified Sending Domain

Verified sending domains ensure that your messaging is only sent from confirmed domains. Verified sending domains can be used for From and Reply-to email addresses in your messaging.

Add a Verified Sending Domain

To add or delete a verified sending domain to your account, contact your Customer Success Manager. 

Add a Verified Email Address

Once the verified sending domain has been added to your account, add email addresses using that domain for From and Reply-To addresses. 
  1. From the application, navigate to the Verify Email Address page. (Settings > Setup > Verified Email)
  2. Select the add email  icon on the top of the grid. 
  3. Enter an email address in the Email textbox.
  4. Select Submit. A confirmation email is sent to the address. 
  5. Click the link in the email to confirm the email address and add it to your list of verified email addresses.
  6. Use the verified email address as the From and/or Reply-To email address in your messaging.  

Delete a Verified Email Address

Delete a verified email address from the Verify Email Address page. 
  1. Locate the email address you wish to delete on the page. 
  2. Select the Delete email  icon in the grid opposite the email address. 
  3. Select Delete from the Delete Verified Email modal.
  4. The email address is removed from the list of verified emails. 
Note: Deleting a From email will remove it from the From and/or Reply-to email address dropdown in campaign and template creation pages. Any existing campaign or template using this From/Reply-to email address will not be affected by the deletion and will continue to use the deleted email address until updated.

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