Connect SSO to Sailthru

Connect any Identity Provider or Single Sign-On service which uses the SAML standard with Sailthru.

If you wish to use SSO, have the following information ready and contact Support or your CSM. We'll schedule a meeting with your and your team to activate SSO in real-time. Connecting an Identity Provider or Single Sign-On service is a straightforward process. Sailthru needs the following pieces of information:
  • SAML connection name
    • This is the name of the SAML connection that will be used by Sailthru. It should be in the format "saml-<companyname>" eg. saml-sailthru
  • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL (aka "SSO URL", "SAML Endpoint")
    • The actual URL used to configure the SAML connection
  • X.509 Certificate
    • PKI certificate used to associate key pairs.
Your Identity Provider (IdP) should have documentation which walks you through how to set up a new application and to generate this information. However, we have provided guides for our most connected IdP services. Note: If you're using Single Sign-On in Sailthru and have an account created, you will need to create a Sailthru password. This is the only time you will need a password. Creating a password completes the account creation process.  Note: If you're looking for information on Multifactor Authentication, check the Multifactor Authentication hub.

Known Limitations

  • The email value sent from the IdP must match the email address associated with the user within the Sailthru platform
    • If the Sailthru account is then the IdP must pass back this email exactly as this value is used to identify the user in our system. E.g. if the IdP returns then we will not be able to log the users in.
  • IdP-initiated authentication is not currently supported
    • Users cannot login to Sailthru via the IdPs dashboard
  • While Sailthru can support IdP-initiated logout, not all IdPs support this functionality.
    • Logging out of your IdP may not log you out of Sailthru

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