Sailthru Maintenance Windows

To support upgrades to Sailthru that will make using the platform faster and easier, and to create further consistency for our customers, Sailthru has standardized maintenance windows.

We hold the following days/times for potential, planned platform maintenance:
  • Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00 pm EDT/EST – 1:00 am EDT/EST
  • Friday 11:00 pm EDT/EST – Monday 1:00 am EDT/EST
We understand that any change we make can affect you or your team, and we take these steps to provide more certainty around when we may be performing potentially customer-impacting maintenance. While these windows are held for potential, planned platform work, we will also perform necessary maintenance outside of these windows should the urgent need arise. We expect that most maintenance will have little to no disruption on your day-to-day operations with Sailthru. For any planned maintenance that may cause service disruptions, it is our commitment to provide notice at least two business days in advance. We will provide additional notice should action be required by our customers in response to any planned maintenance. As always, the Sailthru team is here to help. For any questions, please reach out to your CSM or click the question mark in the lower right corner to reach out to the support team.

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