Multifactor Authentication

Increase your user account protection with Multifactor Authentication in your Sailthru account.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a best practice requirement for managing account security. Enabling MFA makes hacking your account more difficult and helps protect your reputation and your customer data. MFA combines a username and password with a secondary level of security – sometimes a code generated by a fob, a fingerprint, or a code generated by an application. Sailthru uses a code generated by an application as a One Time Password (OTP). Multifactor Authentication is automatically enabled for your Sailthru account, by Sailthru. If it has not been enabled for your account yet and you would like it to be, contact your CSM or Support. If you’ve already enabled MFA, or login using single sign-on (SSO), you don’t need to do anything – you’re all set!