Data Feeds

When sending an email, it can be convenient to pull content from your site. This can help you:

  • Automate your email production process by designing a template once and automatically populating it with content.
  • Schedule a daily email in advance without having to know what the content will be.
  • Use Sailthru Horizon personalization to deliver custom content to users.

To accomplish this:

  1. Add Data Feeds to your account (Single or Merged/Multiple feeds)
  2. In an email template, simply select the imported feed from a dropdown menu. More here.
  3. Next, Code a Data Feed into a Template
  4. Last, create a campaign with the 'Build from Template' option. Or create an automatically recurring campaign.


If you don't have a feed set up or don't know the feed URL, ask your developer for assistance.

If you have Horizon enabled, you also have the option of using a Horizon-powered Content Feed, which populates emails with user-specific content based on behavioral tracking. You can even send automatically recurring campaigns that contain unique content for each subscriber.