Templates Overview


Campaign, transactional and mobile messages are all based off of templates. Templates are the base framework of all communications sent from Sailthru. This is where you’ll specify how your message content, user profile information, user interests, data feed content and third-party advertising should all come together. Templates can be created and edited either within the user interface or via Sailthru’s API.

How It Works

View the below video to learn how to automate your emails by utilizing a data feed:


Template Examples


Abandoned Cart Emails

Reclaim your revenue by setting up automatic shopping cart reminders to remind users of items they left behind, using an Abandoned Cart template. Product information is automatically pulled into an Abandoned Cart template via the Purchase API.

Start with: Abandoned Shopping Cart


Dynamic Recurring Newsletters

Deliver an individually curated experience to each of your customers based on real-time behavior and interests. Set up a newsletter-style template powered by a Horizon content feed, make it recurring, and let Sailthru take over!

Start with: Create a Horizon Data Feed and Template
Start with: Set Up A Recurring Campaign


Personalized Welcome Emails

Leverage your new users’ signup data immediately, track the sources of your lead generations, and even use Smart Strategies to create a dynamic welcome message “flow” that responds to customer behavior in their first few days!

Start with: Capturing User Vars on Signup
Start with: Smart Strategies and Triggers