Zephyr Syntax Overview

Sailthru includes a sophisticated template syntax called “Zephyr” that lets you personalize emails, pull custom content, and a host of other functions. Unless otherwise noted, all of this syntax applies both to transactional and campaign messages.

You can use Zephyr in the following places:

  • From Name of messages
  • Subject of messages
  • HTML and text content of messages
  • Inside rewritten links
  • Setup section (special code that runs before any of the above)
  • Hosted Sailthru webpages

Major topics

  • Template Variables – Standard Sailthru variables that you can set on your users and call in your templates or campaigns
  • Forward to a Friend – Standard Sailthru variable and template that allows subscribers to forward a newsletter to a friend
  • Social Media Sharing – Standard Sailthru variable functions that allow subscribers to share a newsletter or just an article from a newsletter on social media sites
  • Functions – List of Zephyr functions from “adinfo” to “user_engagement.”
  • Expressions and Operators – Expressions and basic operators to create your own structures
  • Control Structures – Simple control structures, conditionals, and loops
  • Assignment Operator for Variables – How and where to assign local variables for a template