Content Search in Recommendations

Add items to your Content Library by searching with a URL or a SKU. The Add Content form is pre-populated, speeding the process.

To add items to your Content Library:

  1. From the Content menu, select Recommendations.
  2. Select a data feed from the list. The data feed opens.
  3. Locate the Search Content button in the data feed header.
  4. Click Search Content. The Search Content Library screen opens.
  5. Enter a URL or SKU for the product or content item you’d like to add. In the following image, we’re using a SKU.
  6. Select Search to preview your item.
  7. Select Add to open the Add Content form. It will be populated with item information.
  8. Scroll down to review all the information. Click Save to add the item to your data feed.

    The item will be added to your data feed.

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