Domains and URLs for Hosted Pages

Hosted pages use your Link Domain (set in Account Settings) to rewrite the base URL (or a default Sailthru domain if none is selected). For example, if your link rewrite domain is “,” your hosted pages will be accessible via “” See below for specific examples per page type.

  • Signup Pages
    The page is publicly accessible via this URL: [link domain]/join/[pagename]
    • Example:
  • User Management/Optout Pages
    The page is accessible via this URL: [link domain]/manage/[pagename]/?email=[email address]&hash=md5([email]+[apisecret])

    • Example:
    • Provided the page name is unique, will also redirect to
    • When a subscriber reads an email and clicks the unsubscribe link, the link will contain a URL similar to this format:

      The components of this URL are as follows:


        is the link domain.

      • /oc/

        is the page you are viewing. In this case, you’re looking at the ‘optout confirm’ page.

      • /Taxrz7x-B1FBAABw/

        refers to the message the link came from.

      • /61956ebe

        is a unique hash generated for security purposes to make sure no one opts out all your users. If the hash and message don’t match up, or the message doesn’t exist, you’ll see an error page.