API Client Libraries Overview

A simple client library to remotely access the Sailthru REST API. By default, it will make requests in JSON format. It can make requests using all of the API calls listed under our API docs.

Setting Up Configuration File

Step 1

If you haven’t done so already, create a Sailthru account and download the appropriate client library.

Step 2

Modify your config file or create a new config file which references the client library scripts and includes your API key and secret. The following is an example in PHP:


$sailthru = new Sailthru_Client([YOUR SAILTHRU API KEY], [YOUR SAILTHRU SECRET]);

You can find your api key by going to your Settings page and clicking on the lock next to “API Key / Secret”.

Step 3

You’re now ready to use the Sailthru client. Please see more at API.

Library Overview

Platform Original Author Check out Sailthru Docs View Download
PHP5 Sailthru Examples github download
Ruby (gem) Sailthru Examples github download
.NET Sailthru Examples github download
Java Sailthru Examples github download
Python Sailthru Examples github download
Drupal Module serencloud view
WordPress plugin Sailthru Installation Instructions view
Magento plugin Sailthru Installation Instructions view
Perl Sailthru cpan install
Node.js (npm) Sailthru Examples github