“Feed” Object

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Within any Zephyr context, the feed object contains a number of useful pieces of data about the current data feed being used in a campaign or transactional email. This object is is useful for populating dynamic sections of an email based on items such as the feed name.

Here is an example “feed” object:

  "name":"Sports Feed",

(Line breaks added for clarity.)

Field Type Description
name string The name of the feed
url string The url of the feed
filter_tags list Any tags being filter for
filter_out_tags list Any tags being filtered out
filter_vars list A key/value pair of any variables being filtered for
filter_out_vars list A key/value pair of any variables being filtered out

This can be useful for having dynamic sections in your email template, such as a header, based on the data feed being used. For example:

{if feed.name == "Sports Feed"}
<!--Sports Header-->
{else if feed.name == "Politics Feed"}
<!--Politics Header-->
<!--Default Header-->