Returns a URL to share an item in the newsletter.

string social_share( string share_mode , string url [, string pinterest_description [, string pinterest_media ]] )

Returns a URL that contains a link that will allow the user to share on a social media site.

For example, you could have separate links to individually “like” each of the articles in your newsletter.

Supported Values For share_mode

Facebook Like – fblike: When subscribers click the link inside an email, a popup box will encourage them to ‘like’ that article on Facebook.


<a href="{{social_share('fblike', '')}}">Like this on Facebook</a>

Code Using A Data Feed

<a href="{{social_share('fblike', content[0].url)}}">Like on Facebook</a>

Share on Facebook – fbshare:  Clicking the link provides a Facebook share option with the URL of the campaign pre-populated.


<a href="{{social_share('fbshare', '')}}">Share on Facebook</a>

Code Using A Data Feed

<a href="{{social_share('fbshare', content[0].url)}}">Share on Facebook</a>

Share on Twitter – twitter


<a href="{{social_share('twitter', '')}}">Share on Twitter</a>

Code Using A Data Feed

<a href="{{social_share('twitter', content[0].url)}}">Share on Twitter</a>

Prepopulating Hashtags and Tweet @

<a href="{{social_share('twitter', content[0].title+' '+content[0].url+' '+'#sailthru'+' '+'via @Sailthru')}}">Share on Twitter</a>

Pin to Pinterest – pinterest: Provide the subscriber with the option to either pin with an image, pin without an image, or see the ‘Pin It’  button over an image.

  • Pin with Image
<a href="{social_share('pinterest', '', 'Some description', '')}">Pin it</a>
  • Pin without Image
<a href="{social_share('pinterest', '', 'Some description')}">Pin it without media</a>
  • Pin with Image from a data feed
<a href="{{social_share('pinterest', content[0].url, content[0].description, content[0].image)}}">Pin it with media</a>
  • Pin without Image from a data feed
<a href="{{social_share('pinterest', content[0].url, content[0].description)}}">Pin it without media</a>
  • “Pin It” Button

Consider using the “Pin It” button to draw more attention and brand recognition to the link. Pinterest hosts their “Pin It” button on their site. Use it by inserting the following code within the anchor tag in place of (or in addition to) the text.

<img border="0" src="//" title="Pin It" />

For example:

<a href="{social_share('pinterest', '', 'Some description', '')}"> <img border="0" src="//" title="Pin It" /> </a>

Share on Tumblr – tumblr


<a href="{social_share('tumblr', '')}">Share on Tumblr</a>

Code Using A Data Feed

<a href="{{social_share('tumblr', content[0].url)}}">Share on Tumblr</a>

Share on LinkedIn – linkedin


<a href="{social_share('linkedin', '')}">Share on LinkedIn</a>

Code Using A Data Feed

<a href="{{social_share('linkedin', content[0].url)}}">Share on LinkedIn</a>


Share on Reddit – reddit


<a href="{social_share('reddit', '')}">Share on Reddit</a>

Code Using A Data Feed

<a href="{{social_share('reddit', content[0].url)}}">Share on Reddit</a>

See also public_share, which allows you to share the complete newsletter.