Retrieve or update settings for your company’s Sailthru account.

Endpoint URL:


No parameters are needed. The response will include all accessible settings.

Return Value

    "domains" : {
        "" : {
            "link_domain" : "",
            "horizon_domain" : "",
            "site_domain" : ""
    "from_emails" : [
    "lists_primary" : [
        "Main List",
        "Weekly Newsletter"
    "timezone" : "America/New_York",
    "id" : 99999,
    "beacon_image" : "3sd/1jz/5/6/554a6b4fe0b2b.png",
    "apple-app-site-association" : {
        "" : ""
    "https-certificate-association" : []
Return data will include some or all of the following information:

Field Description
domains Array containing information about the domain or domains on file
from_emails Array containing a list of verified from emails
lists_primary Array containing lists designated as primary.
timezone Your account’s time zone
id A unique identification number for your sailthru account
beacon_image Location of your account’s beacon image
apple-app-site-association If you have configured Universal Links for one or more iPhone apps, this contains mappings forĀ each of your Sailthru link domains to its Apple App Site Association File.



Update settings.

Add 'From' Email(s)

Example Call:

"from_emails" : ["",""]

Upload Beacon Image

Example Call:

   "file" : "beacon.png"

Replaces current beacon image. Send the beacon image data with your post call.

Manage Apple App-Site Association Files

Example: Add Apple App-Site Association File

 "\/apple-app-site-association" : "Downloads\/apple-app-site-association"

Example: Remove Apple App-Site Association File

 "\/apple-app-site-association" : 0

Optional Parameters

Specify one or more the following parameters:

Parameter Description
from_emails Array of emails to add to your account as possible “From” emails for use with campaigns (blasts) or transactional sends. Each address will receive a confirmation email for verification purposes. The verification process must be completed before the address can be used.
file Location of a new beacon image you wish to upload\/apple-app-site-association Specify an Apple App-Site Association File to configureĀ Universal Links for one or more iPhone apps. To complete the configuration, you will also need an SSL certificate uploaded through the My Sailthru interface. Replace with your Sailthru link domain.