Returns meta information about an Ad Targeter ad placement

 object adinfo( string zonename )

Given a zone name, returns a data structure containing information about the Ad Targeter banner scheduled that particular zone, Ad Plan, and day of send.

Will return nullif no banner has been scheduled in that particular zone on that particular day, or if no Ad Plan has been set.

The data contained in the structure is as follows:

Field Description Example
width Width of the banner 300
height Height of the banner 200
image Relative path to the banner image 1/1jv/3/i/4d839f79d5d25.gif
advertiser Name of the advertiser Acme Inc
description Description of the banner Explosive tennis balls
url URL that the banner clicks through to" title="" rel="nofollow">
zone_name Name of the zone that the banner belongs to top banner
vars Custom vars attached to the banner {"metadata":"here"}