Returns the HTML of an Ad Targeter ad placement.

string ad( string zonename )

Given a zone name, returns HTML for the Ad Targeter banner for that particular zone, ad plan, and day of send.

Will return null if no banner has been scheduled in that particular zone on that particular day, or if no ad plan has been set.


To include more information about your Ad Targeter ad in a template, such as description and advertiser name.

This script uses the ad() function to render an ad image from an Ad Targeter ad plan, which is created and scheduled in the Ad Targeter page. Additionally, it uses adinfo() to pull in the description and advertiser name, allowing for a more descriptive ad experience.


{{ad('top banner')}}
{adinfo("top banner").description} by our friends at {adinfo("top banner").advertiser}!


<img src="">
Great advertisement by our friends at Sailthru!