Record a purchase return or refund to a user’s profile.

Returns should be implemented when your users return a purchase or receive a refund, ensuring that your users’ net lifetime value is updated to account for these transactions. For businesses with high return rates, the total purchase revenue can be significantly affected, so it is a best practice for your Sailthru user profile to contain this updated information.

Using Returns API in conjunction with the Purchase API allows you to accurately track your users purchases while taking into account the effect of their returns.

Returns are saved as part of the User Profile, allowing you to segment users in Audience Builder based on their return-adjusted revenue. Return data is also available in your Campaign and Transactional sends with Zephyr.

Returns are not factored into campaign reporting or aggregate purchase/revenue stats.

Endpoint URL:

POST a return

Submit returned items and their value.

Submit a Return

Example Call:

    "email" : "",
                "qty" : 1,
                "price" : 100,
                "id" : 1234,
                "url" : "",
                "order_id" : 56789


Type Parameter Description
Required email User’s email address
Required items An array containing each item in the user’s return, with each item being a hashed set of data. For each item:

  • qty – Quantity of the item returned.
  • price – Price of the returned item, in cents. For example, if the user returns two items that cost $10.99 each for a total of $21.98, the value of this field should be 1099.
  • url – The URL of the item.
    Note: This URL is for reference and will not update any matching content item in Sailthru.


  • id – Your unique identifier for the item. For example, the SKU.
  • order_id – Reference back to the original purchase’s extid or SID. Multiple returned items can be posted with the same order_id.