What’s New in Sailthru

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Contextual Purchase Data Now Available in Purchase-based Lifecycle Optimizer Flows

June 23, 2022
We have simplified how to access purchase data in Lifecycle Optimizer by making contextual purchase data available within your purchase-based flows. Previously, flows and templates required accessing the purchase data from the user profile. Now, when using a “Purchase Made” entry type in LO, you can simply reference that specific purchase object using the zephyr object {purchase}. For …

Pass Event Variables in Lifecycle Optimizer Webhooks

June 21, 2022
If you make use of our webhooks feature in Lifecycle Optimizer to pass data to systems outside of Sailthru, we have added a powerful piece of new functionality to our webhooks capabilities: You can now pass custom event variables (vars) of any kind into your webhooks! While you have always had the ability to include data …

Unlimited “List Load” Entry in Lifecycle Optimizer

June 6, 2022
In our quest to make Lifecycle Optimizer more powerful than ever, we’ve enhanced the “List Load” entry type to remove the list size restrictions that were previously in place. We’ve made list load functionality scalable to accommodate audiences of all sizes, so now you can start a Lifecycle Optimizer journey for an entire audience at …

New Scheduling Options in Lifecycle Optimizer: Scheduled Flows and Wait Until Specific Date & Time

May 24, 2022
You now have even more granular control over scheduling flows and wait steps with two new scheduling options in the Lifecycle Optimizer: 1) Scheduled Flows Set a specific date and time for your Lifecycle Optimizer flows to run. You can see the scheduling options under the new “schedule” label (in between the “status” and “re-entry” settings) Documentation is available …

Email Summary Metrics Display Enhancements

May 13, 2022
Get more metric space in Email Summary with the campaign name and subject line in one cell.   With these two text-heavy fields sharing a single cell, we’re giving more horizontal space for campaign metrics and better context. As a bonus, when you hover your cursor over one of these cells, it will automatically scroll if the …