What’s New in Sailthru

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New Permissions for Visual Composer

October 27, 2021
The 3 new Editorial Access Control permissions give marketers even greater control over what features their colleagues have access to in Sailthru’s Visual Email Template Composer. Lock Rows and Contents: Grants the ability to “lock” specific rows and specific content so they cannot be edited. Locked rows can only be edited by users with the Edit …

Sailthru Now Supports Apple Mail Client Segmentation

October 11, 2021
Today Sailthru has added multiple new features to help you understand more about your audiences using Apple Mail, and how that may or may not be impacting the metrics that matter to your business.  By recognizing and identifying the user agent that is emitted from the Apple Mail client, within Sailthru you can now segment …

SDK updates for iOS15

September 17, 2021
Support for interruption levels We have added support for the new interruption-level field in iOS notifications for iOS 15. This field can have one of four values: passive, active, time-sensitive or critical. This field is included in the aps object in the payload and is used by the device to help schedule notification delivery to the user …

SDK updates for Android 12

September 17, 2021
Android 12 Changes From Android 12+, when a PendingIntent targeting an Activity is required in a notification, instead of using a BroadcastReceiver to handle the response it will instead be routed through the SDK’s new NotificationActivity class. This will then send the original PendingIntent. https://developer.android.com/about/versions/12/behavior-changes-12#notification-trampolines From Android 12+ when creating a PendingIntent the flags will be checked to ensure a …

Update to Personalized Send Time

September 16, 2021
Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection updates will change how some marketers think about engagement, and the Sailthru team has been hard at work to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. Algorithms based on opens will no longer be as accurate when Apple begins pre-fetching images for users on iOS devices using the Apple Mail app. …