What’s New in Sailthru

Learn about our latest product releases and enhancements. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support with any questions.

Trigger a flow in Lifecycle Optimizer using your lists

September 8, 2021
You can now add your carefully curated lists into your equally impressive flows. Using this new entry type allows you to target up to 250 thousand profiles at the same time. To learn more about this feature please see our updated documentation here.

Sailthru WordPress Plugin 4.3.0

September 1, 2021
We added a new filter to our WordPress plugin, allowing developers to easily modify custom fields coming to Sailthru with published posts. The sailthru_content_vars filter passes two arguments to your function: vars – array of plugin-generated custom fields post – the WordPress post object This filter allows you to add any data you’d like to WordPress posts in …

Introducing new functionality to the Lifecycle Optimizer list page

August 30, 2021
We are excited to introduce new functionality to the Lifecycle Optimizer overview page; Delete: Inactive or draft flows can now be deleted Copy a flow: Create a copy of any existing flow and maintain all details of that flow.

Email A/B Test data in Sailthru Connect!

August 23, 2021
We are proud to announce an enhancement to our Sailthru Connect suite of data products: Email A/B Test data in Event Stream!   A Note about Forward Compatibility Sailthru will continue to iterate on its Event Stream offering, in an additive manner (sometimes referred to as “forward compatibility”. New fields that appear in the file outputs will not …

Upgraded Text Editor in Email Composer

July 13, 2021
We’ve made a few upgrades to the text editor in Email Composer… here’s what’s new! New content block: Title Use the new title block for your to render your template headings with HTML tags (i.e., H1, H2, H3). Using these tags helps with: Accessibility – users that need a screen reader can navigate emails and web pages according …